Edgar Bushey

Case# 95-8543  
Affidavit of William Patrick Beale  
Probable Cause Affidavit  
Transcript  07-17-96  
Motion For Default  
  Without a Doubt  

Frank Baker (palm beach county sherrif's office) :   

1. Why did Frank Baker lie about Edgar Bushey? 
2. Frank Baker did no investigation at all. He did nothing but charge Edgar Bushey with false charges. 
3. The affidavits are posted on Edgar Bushey’s web pages. 
4. Why did Susan Charles wait 10 months before she went to the authorities? 
5. Shay Charles said no to the charges three times.  What part of no do I not understand?   
6. How can you be accused and charged with something that it is not true?  
7. Why did my attorney never interview Shay Charles concerning these charges. 
8. Why did the grandmother, Joan Kopins, still work in the store (Bushey Religious Store) during the 4 years I was in prison?
9. Her uncle, Stephen Kopins, lived in the back of the store until it closed 4 years later.
10. I would really like have an investigation looking into what really happened.  Ask Shay Charles about what Frank Baker charged me with and if it was true?


Thank you for your sincere consideration in this matter.
Edgar Bushey

Comments/ Supporters:

"I've read about your case and I believe in your innocense!"


"The truth will always prevail. Stay strong and keep fighting!"


"I feel sorry for Mr. Bushey, he is a sublime gentleman and I don't believe

this horrible accusation."


"I would like to talk to you agout this and my case coming up"

"We believe in you Mr. Bushey, don't give up"
The Jenkins Family

"I know how you must feel being accused of such a horrible thing"

"Any updates in the case?"


Mr. Bushy - just know you have a lot of people behind you
Al Sr.


"The good lord is with you and we are all praying for you"

Cheryl T.


"I think these are all very good questions and remarks"



"How could you possibly be innocent? There is no reason for a man your age to be touching a little girl like that!"



"I am in a similar situation and I understand your pain" It is not easy to get people to see the truth in a case like this"

Ronald R.


"I sawr you on the news channel and I think you should be shamed of yoursef. You ought to be locked up forever"

Carol-Ann J.


"Let's let the lord decide his fate"



"Oh, not another crazy loonatic insisting his innocent!"



"Some people are quick to rush to judgement when they really don't even know the details - what a cryin' shame"

Linda W.


"It's got to say something for this man's innocence if he is willing to drive around town and tell everyone his story"

Anonymous Woman